• Our building is over 1000 sq m with tall ceilings and thanks to the Mobile Repeater the reception is excellent.

    Terry Campbell - April, 2008

  • Thanks for your help! Not only are we getting coverage inside but we even get a signal outside in the garden area.

    Justine Stephenson - March, 2008

  • After checking the whole building checking the signal on my phone regardless of where I try, I do not lose the signal.

    Simon Gardiner - March, 2008

  • We are hot! Full signal everywhere, well done guys.

    Shawn Sutton - February, 2008

  • Following the manual the install was quite simple. Within a matter of around an hour we are now getting coverage in the offices

    Steve Napier - January, 2008

  • We needed your 3G Mobile Repeater for our broadband data connection and we’ve been very happy with the performance.

    Aidan Williams - December, 2007