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Signal Booster Mini – 900/2100 MHz – 250 SQM – 25 Users

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  • Vodacom
  • Coverage up to 250 sq m
  • Adjustable gain control

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Our MR Mini GSM 900/ 3G X14 booster kit is an optimal repeater for clients seeking a cellphone signal boost that includes GSM 900 and 3G coverage. This repeater boosts your 2G (Voice and Text) for Vodacom and 3G (Data) for all South African networks. It does this by working on both GSM 900MHZ and 2100MHZ. It is the best option for a small home or office environment as it also operates on most Asian and European carriers, allowing far better compatibility. The MR Mini GSM 900 / 3G XT14 coverage goes up to 250 square meters, allowing a fairly spread signal that reaches your entire building; and additionally supports 25 users at the same time! This Mini GSM 900/ 3G X14 repeater is designed to boost your voice calls, text and 3G data for South African, that way you never miss an important business call again! Your MR Mini GSM 900/ 3G X14 kit covers:

  • Voice and Text – Vodacom
  • 3G – All South African Networks
  • Up to 250sqm
  • Up to 25 Simultaneous Users


 As a dual-band repeater, this Mini GSM 900/ 3G X14  booster provides a consistently strong signal throughout an area as large as 250sqm, and eliminates poor reception once and for all for both calls and 3G data. This booster is specifically designed to make sure that you never miss an important call again, and provides you with 3G data in places you would otherwise not have it, making this booster system one of the most valuable boosters on the market.

We are aware that there is some competition in our zone of the market, but since we have been designing and developing our Mini X14 dual-band boosters for over 10 years, we have the experience needed to provide you with the best mobile signal possible, and highly esteemed customer service. We know that you deserve the finest signal out there, and we’re here to deliver the best of the best in cellphone signal. 

We like to make it easy for you to install the repeater yourself with the easy-to-follow installation manual that comes with your every purchase! The MR Mini GSM 900/ 3G X14 kit comes with:  your high gain external aerial antenna, 10 meters of coaxial cables, your internal repeater, your internal dual-band rebroadcasting aerial antenna, and power source cables. When you set up the repeater in your home or office, once you connect the AC/DC power source cables, the cellphone reception inside your building will be significantly amplified, sometimes up to 300%.

 Mobile Repeater also wants to help out in any ways possible, so we offer you 100% free technical and throughout the process of installing your booster. Let us know what we can do to assist you at any point along the installation process since it’s always our duty to assist you as best as we can!

We believe in the superiority of our products so much that we offer free delivery and a 15 day money back guarantee; so try it out, and make sure it works for you. Furthermore, all government and corporate establishments can pay after 30 days with their Mini GSM 900/ 3G X14 booster!


We boost your signal in an exclusive way; and this is how we do it:

As stated above, our products are minimalistic and very easy to install all on your own. We like to keep our booster systems simple and highly functional, which is why they are so easy to install! The Mini GSM 900/ 3G X14  booster, like all of our boosters, is composed by 4 major parts:

External Dual Band Signal Antenna: The external dual band signal antenna is essential to the repeater’s functionality because it’s the external antenna that receives any cell signal (be it 2G or 3G) you have outside your home or office building, and sends it through the Mini GSM system.

Coaxial Cables: The coaxial cables are 10 meter long cables that are intended to transfer the cell signal from the external dual band signal antenna to the indoor Mini GSM repeater at the highest speeds possible.

Indoor Mini GSM 900/3G Repeater: This is the device that, once it obtains the signals from the coaxial cables, amplifies the signal inside your building with the purpose of make it up to 3 times stronger than before.

AC/DC Power Supply: This is the repeater’s power supply.

The main reason you need a signal booster is probably due to things that are a little out of your reach, such as the building materials used in the construction of your home or office that block signal from entering clearly or consistently; working or living too far away from a central broadcast antenna; the mountain far away that makes your view so nice (but also blocks the main tower’s signal from reaching your cellphone); or the forested area between you and the main antenna. These are all contributing influences to the bad cell signal you are facing. Fortuitously, our designer and engineering crews have premeditated these factors closely, and have discovered a way to do away with all of them, no matter what.


Your Package Includes

1 X MR Mini GSM900/ 3G Repeater

1 X Outdoor Dual Band Signal Antenna

1 X 10 meter Coaxial Cable to connect to repeater

1 X Internal High Gain Aerial

1 X AC/DC Power Supply

1 X Easy to follow Installation Manual


Mechanical Specifications



RF Connector



Heatsink convection cooling

Dimensions (DxWxH)

235 x 178 x 25 mm

Environment Conditions

IP 40


< 90%

Operating Temperature

-10C – 60C


 Electrical Specifications




Frequency (GSM900)

Frequency (3G)





Maximum Gain

> 50dB

> 50dB

Ripple in Band

> 5dB

> 5dB

Max. Input Power without damage

e – 50 dBm

e – 50 dBm

Output Power

> 17 dBm

> 17 dBm

Spurious Emission (9KHz-1GHz)

> -36dBm

> -36dBm

Spurious Emission (1GHz-12.75GHz)

> -30dBm

> -30dBm

Noise Figure @ Max. Gain

< 6dB (Typical)

< 6dB (Typical)

Return Loss

< 3dB

< 3dB

Time Delay

< 0.5μs

< 0.5μs


> 50000hours

> 50000hours

Power Supply

DC 12V 2A

DC 12V 2A

Power Consumption

< 10 Watt

< 10 Watt


50 ohm

50 ohm