Popular Signal Boosters

In this collection of signal boosters you will find Mobile Repeater South Africa’s most popular and bestselling signal boosters. There is a wide variety of different boosters that cover all kinds of different needs. These boosters vary from covering GSM (calls and text), 3G data and 4G data services. All boosters are very reliable and have the ability to boost signal in even the most difficult areas.

A little bit about us:

Mobile Repeater South Africa is devoted to offering you the best of the best when it comes to mobile signal strength (and much more). We have been developing our booster kits for over 10 years now, and have found the best way to deliver the best service on the market. From boosters that have the ability to boost GSM voice and text, to boosters that cover all services (GSM,3G and 4G data) for all South African networks.

We understand how frustrating it is to be in the middle of an important call and suddenly have no bars and lose the call; that’s why we decided to build a simple, aesthetically pleasing, highly functional booster. We want to be the ones to end you poor mobile signal once and for all. And that’s not all. We also offer you all kinds of perks- like free shipping, warranties, 15 day money back guarantees, professional installations, professionally designed custom solutions for special cases, and free technical support throughout the entire process.

Our boosters:

For the past 10 year we have had 2 goals at the top of our list: delivering the best signal coverage, and offering excellent customer services. Our customers have always been and always will be our top priority; and that’s what makes us the leader of South Africa’s signal booster market.

GSM boosters: Our GSM boosters operate for a number of different networks, such as Vodacom, Telkom, Cell C, MTN, and more. These networks’ GSM comes from the 1800MHz frequency. These boosters have the ability to operate seamlessly on this frequency and have an easy time boosting it.

3G boosters: Our 3G boosters operate on all networks that support 3G on a 2100MHz frequency. These boosters are able to boost this frequency and deliver you with a 200-300% boost, whilst giving you the same navigational abilities.

4G boosters: Our 4G boosters run on the 1800/2300MHz frequencies and have the ability to boost them exponentially. The 4G frequencies are the weakest and hardest to transmit from the towers all the way to remote areas, since these frequencies are the “lightest” of the South African frequencies. Meaning they are the most easily broken up by external forces.

Why do you get poor cell signal?

Poor cell signal is usually do to a number of different factors, depending on where you are in your country. The most common is due to the construction materials used in the building process of your establishment. Materials such as steel framework, certain insulations, large areas of glass walls/windows, and others usually cause the frequency waves to break up before being able to penetrate into the inside of your building; therefore blocking any signal that would otherwise reach indoors.

Other factors that make for bad cell signal are: being too far away from your network’s main antenna where the signal is already too weak to provide you with a good cell connection; being in one of your network’s antenna’s “dead zone”, where you are behind the broadcast spectrum of the antenna therefore not getting any signal (when you are in a dead zone, you can be 1 kilometer away from the antenna yet still have no connection whatsoever); geological formations like dips, hills, mountains, or valleys; and vegetation such as forested areas or domestic landscaping. All these factors contribute towards having little to no cell signal at all.

How does a signal booster end bad cell signal?

Well, a signal booster’s main function is, as you know, boosting your cell signal. The technical methods involved in this process are quite simple. The main gateway towards getting the best cell signal as possible is placing your external antenna in the correct position, pointing in the right direction and resting at the right height. Since the signal booster’s external antenna is the first component of the booster to actually make contact with any existing frequencies, it is most essential to install it correctly. An installing the booster’s external antenna c

Other than installing the booster’s external antenna correctly, it is important to stretch the coaxial cables out as far as they go (no kinks or slack); install the booster in space that isn’t too cluttered, and if an internal antenna is involved, always install in a high place inside your building. Other than that, all is quite seamless. Although, if you are experiencing any kind of issues with the installment process, we offer free technical support at any time.

7 items 

  • Vodacom Signal Booster - 900MHz - 250 SQM - 25 Users

    • Vodacom
    • Coverage up to 250 sq m
    • Adjustable gain control
    • Interference Protection
    R 3,950.00
  • 3G Cell Phone Signal Booster Mini - 2100 MHz - 250 SQM

    • Boost all 3G Voice/Data
    • Coverage up to 250 sq m
    • Adjustable gain control
    R 5,250.00
  • Signal Booster - GSM Networks - 900/1800 MHz - 250 SQM

    • All Voice
    • Coverage up to 250 sq m
    • Adjustable gain control
    R 8,250.00
  • Cell Phone Signal Booster - 500 SQM - 900/1800 MHz - 50 Users

    • All Voice
    • Coverage up to 500 sq m
    • Adjustable gain control
    R 10,600.00
  • Signal Booster - Tri-Band - 900/1800/2100MHz - 250 SQM

    • All Voice & 3G Networks
    • Coverage up to 250 sq m
    • Adjustable gain control
    R 12,700.00
  • Powerful Signal Booster Digital Tri-Band - 900/1800/2100 MHz

    • All Voice & 3G Networks
    • Coverage up to 1000 sq ft
    • 20db to 65db Gain Control
    R 13,995.00
  • Signal Booster -Telkom/MTN/Vodacom/Cell C -25 Users

    • Telkom Voice
    • 4G / LTE Compatible
    • Coverage up to 250 sq m
    R 5,350.00