Cell C Mobile Repeaters

This collection of Cell C signal boosters is designed to boost your Cell C Network phone signal. This CE certified booster range follows all of the latest safety requirements and health requirements, in order to give you the safest, fastest, and most efficient solution possible. Since we have been designing and testing this collection of signal boosters for over 10 years, we can proudly say that we offer you the best solutions for homes, office buildings, warehouses, boats, and much more!

Your Cell C signal booster includes:


Exterior Cell C Antenna

Interior Booster Box

Interior Re-broadcast Antenna

Coaxial Cables (10 meters)

Power source cables

Easy-To-Follow Installation Manual


This range of Cell C signal boosters is made to boost your Cell C voice calls (GSM), 3G technology, 4G and LTE technologies. This collection actually offers you a few different solutions such as Cell C signal boosters for voice only, voice and 3G, 3G and 4G, or voice, 3G and 4G all in one. Additionally, if you are looking to boost an office or home where people use many different providers, we offer you a Cell C signal booster that can boost ALL NETWORKS.

A little about Cell C Network:

Cell C is South Africa’s leading telephone provider in many aspects. Since 2001, Cell C has been working hard to expand the latest technologies throughout South Africa. Cell C invests greatly in modernization of the company’s deals and makes a big point of also empowering and developing their employees.  Cell C has recently launched two groundbreaking services, including the Free Basics, which allows users unlimited Facebook navigation through data usage, and unlimited WhatsApp usage as well. This has allowed Cell C clients a lot of freedom, and has ultimately had a large play in keeping South Africa connected. Service seems to be pretty good, except in places where bad signal is inevitable. We’ll go into detail about those places below.

Pros: Cell C invests much of its income back into developing infrastructure of their services. It also seems to do well in urban areas in terms of cell service.

Cons: Cell C is still trying to distribute their newest technologies to many areas of South Africa, so chances are, if you live in a place that’s not a bustling city, you may not get many of the services Cell C offers just yet. Also, Cell C has been known to give poor signal or no signal at all in rural areas. So, why don’t you get the Cell C signal you signed up for? See below to read a bit about this.

Why are you getting poor Cell C signal?

Most of the time, the main reason you are having cell signal issues is something that is mostly out of your hands. By this we mean that it is usually do to construction materials or glass used in your building’s infrastructure; natural geological formations such as hills, mountains, valleys or dips; densely forested areas between you and the Cell C central antenna; or being in what is called a “dead zone”, which is a zone behind the broadcasting spectrum of the Cell C antenna. Another factor that contributes to your poor mobile signal can be living and/or working too far away from Cell C signal towers, since by the time the signal waves actually reach your cellphone, it is already too weak to provide you with the great cell signal you deserve.

How does Mobile Repeater put an end to poor Cell C signal?

As you saw above, the Cell C signal booster kits are composed of 4 simple parts (more parts optional; also depend on the kit you buy). These parts are the whole kit. Nothing else is needed to get you cell signal up and running again. They are simple components, and all 4 parts play a very important role in the boosting prcess.

All of the components of the Cell C signal boosters’ kits are essential, in order to keep the kits minimal, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional. This is how the system operates:

First, the exterior Cell C antenna, which we encourage you to place strategically where you get as much signal as possible, on a high area of your building such as the roof, receives signal around your establishment.

Second, the Cell C antenna shoots the gathered signal through the kit’s coaxial cables (that are installed within your building) towards the internal Cell C booster box.

Third, once that the signal reaches the internal Cell C signal box inside your home it is amplified within the box using our state of the art technology.

Fourth, as the signal is amplified within the internal Cell C repeater, it is sent throughout your home by means of the attached rebroadcasting antenna, like a wi fi modem would. Some kits require an extra interior or exterior antenna to assure strong signal throughout you building.

Note that this all happens at very high speeds, so there are very minimal chances of any delay when the signal is passing through your Cell C signal booster equipment.


About Cell C Network’s mobile frequencies:

900MHz: this frequency band is mostly applicable to rural area, and provides 2G (calls and text). It uses a lower frequency in order to get the user heavier and stronger Cell C signal in hard-to-reach places. It offers voice and text, and is usually quite efficient.

1800MHz: this band provides users in urban areas 4G and LTE services at high speeds. It is a more fragile frequency, since it is lighter and a bit less sturdy than the 900MHz frequency, or a typical radio frequency of 98.0MHz. This means that it is more likely to get broken up, and might have more problems reaching your cellphone. This means that you may have to be closer to Cell C’s central antennas to get a good signal.

2100MHz: this frequency offers Cell C 3G services to urban areas, allowing very large amounts of data to be transferred in high-traffic areas. This frequency band doesn’t carry Cell C’s voice or LTE services.

Looking for a super strong boost?

We offer you accessories such as high gain aerial antennas, directional antennas (MR Yagi), omnidirectional antennas, frequency converter kits, vehicle converter kits, extra internal antennas, etc. We also offer any tools and/or replacements you might need, to ensure you get the best signal. Please, take a look at our accessory tab!

Now that you know pretty much everything about what we do and how we do it, we encourage you to take a look at our Cell C signal boosters bellow, and our accessories, in order to find the best solution to your poor cell signal. Thank you for your time, we appreciate it so much!

6 items 

  • Signal Booster - GSM Networks - 900/1800 MHz - 250 SQM

    • All Voice
    • Coverage up to 250 sq m
    • Adjustable gain control
    R 8,250.00
  • Cell Phone Signal Booster - 500 SQM - 900/1800 MHz - 50 Users

    • All Voice
    • Coverage up to 500 sq m
    • Adjustable gain control
    R 10,600.00
  • Cell Phone Signal Booster - 900/1800MHz - 1000 SQM - 75 Users

    • Coverage up to 1000 sq m
    • All GSM Voice Networks
    • Simple Installation
    R 13,800.00
  • Powerful Signal Booster Digital Tri-Band - 900/1800/2100 MHz

    • All Voice & 3G Networks
    • Coverage up to 1000 sq ft
    • 20db to 65db Gain Control
    R 13,995.00
  • Cell Phone Signal Booster - 900/1800MHz - 2500SQM - 100 Users

    • Coverage up to 2500 sq m
    • All GSM Voice Networks
    • Simple Installation
    R 17,000.00
  • Signal Booster - 900/1800MHz - 5,000 SQM - 200 Users

    • Coverage up to 5000 sq m
    • All GSM Voice Networks
    • Simple Installation
    R 21,200.00