Which Is The Best Indoor Antenna For A Signal Booster?

A woman using a cell phone in a parking garage.

Signal boosters are an absolute necessity for people who are experiencing call drops and slow data speeds regularly. Using a cell phone repeater ensures that you have a proper cellular reception all the time. Rural areas do not always get stronger cellular signals because of the lack of adequate cell towers to provide stronger cell signals.

Cell phone repeaters can increase the strength of the cellular signals coming from the base, no matter what the cause of poor cell reception in your area is. The outdoor antenna of the cell phone repeater will capture the existing cell signal outside the building and the amplifier unit will increase the strength of those signals. The boosted signals will then be redistributed by the indoor antenna. 

There are mainly three types of indoor antennas that are used for a cell phone repeater. Let’s take a look at each one of them.

Panel Antenna

If your house has narrow rooms and hallways, panel antennas are the ideal choice for the indoor antennas of a cell phone repeater. Panel antennas are also the best choice for redistributing amplified cellular signals in multi-story buildings. When compared to other types of indoor antennas, panel antennas are relatively easier to install. You don’t require ceiling access to install the panel antenna. One other feature of the panel antenna is that it emits amplified cellular signals in a beam pattern. 

Dome Antenna

Dome antennas can redistribute amplified cellular signals equally in all directions. That means the dome antenna has 360-degree coverage, which makes it ideal for circular and square-shaped rooms. Dome antennas are also ideal for all types of single-story buildings. Since the dome antenna is installed on the ceiling, it requires ceiling access for the installation process. You may need the dome antenna if you want to rebroadcast amplified cellular signals equally in all directions. Standard dome antenna and ultra-thin antenna are the two types of dome antennas available in the market.

Whip Antenna

Whip antennas are the ideal choice for small spaces like cars, buses, trucks, RVs, boats, etc. These types of inside antennas are widely used in in-vehicle cell phone boosters. It is very easy to install in your vehicles. Like the dome antennas, the whip antennas also have a 360-degree range. The whip antenna can provide a 5 dB gain on 1700 to 2700 MHz bands.

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