When To Choose A Dome Antenna For Your Signal Booster?

three cell communication towers.

Choosing the right internal antenna is an important factor that you have to consider when getting a cell signal booster for your home or office. An internal/interior/inside antenna is a vital part of a signal booster that transmits the signals to the inside areas of a building. Your cell phone and other devices will be able to capture the signals broadcasted by these antennas. Hence, make sure that you choose an internal antenna that perfectly fits your situation. 

Types Of Internal Antennas

There are various types of inside antennas used for mobile signal boosters. You have to be aware of these antennas for choosing the right option for you. 

A panel antenna is one type of interior antenna used in signal boosters. They are powerful antennas that can send signals to longer distances. However, they transmit the boosted signals in only one direction. Panel antennae are normally used for covering multi-storied buildings and long and narrow rooms or hallways. 

As panel antennas transmit signals in only one direction, they may not be suitable for you if you want to get boosted signals in every part of the room. This is where a dome antenna can come to your rescue.

Even though dome antennas are not as powerful as panel antennas, they can send signals in all directions, i.e., they provide 360-degree coverage. Hence, they can be useful for you to distribute signals equally in all directions. 

When To Get A Dome Antenna?

Dome antennas are a popular option used in cell signal boosters. Because of their ability to send signals in all directions, they can be used for covering your entire room or house. When placed, in a central location, these antennas have the capability to distribute signals evenly thereby eliminating dead zones in different parts of your house.

If you want to cover a single-storied building, then your best option would be a dome antenna. They are also ideal for square-shaped rooms because of their ability to transmit signals in all directions

Where To Mount A Dome Antenna

A dome antenna should be installed on the ceiling for better results. Also, make sure to place it in a central location for getting boosted signals in the entire room equally. So you need access to your ceiling or attic for installing a dome antenna. 

Dome antenna is chosen by a lot of people for transmitting the signals boosted by the amplifier. As they distribute signals equally in all directions, they can provide coverage throughout the entire room. Hence, you can access amplified signals without having to move to a specific location, as these antennas will distribute signals evenly.