What Is Meant By A Cellular Dead Zone And How To Fix It?

A man using his cell phone in the car.

Cell phones have almost become a necessity for all people across the world. Owning one isn’t enough. There should be adequate cellular coverage for cell phones to be of any use. A dead zone is a term that we often hear in discussions about cellular coverage.

What does the term exactly mean? Are there any ways to avoid it? Let us find out in this article. 

What Is A Dead Zone?

In the simplest of terms, a dead zone is an area where there are no cellular signals. You cannot make voice calls, send or receive text messages or browse the internet using your phone in a cellular dead zone. 

What Are The Factors That Cause A Dead Zone?

Here are some of the factors that cause a dead zone:

  • Longer distance from cell tower: A cellular tower transmits signals to a particular distance. Once the maximum distance to which a cellular tower transmits signals is crossed, cell phones will lose connection with that cell tower. 
  • Terrain type/environment: Some terrain types can have a significant adverse impact on cellular reception. Mountains and hills coming between cell tower and cell phone location can act as signal barriers to some extent. They could be a cause of dead zones.
  • Weather conditions: Thunderstorms, heavy rain, thick fog, and many other weather conditions can disrupt signal reception and result in dead zones. 
  • Construction materials:  The construction materials used in houses and buildings have a significant role in deciding the indoor cellular reception. Concrete, brick, and low E glass are some construction materials that cause a negative impact on cellular reception.

What Are The Ways To Fix Dead Zones?

There are several signal-boosting devices like cell phone booster available in the market but it will be of use only if there is some level of signal reception. Cell phone boosters work by capturing the signals available at a place and amplifying them to the required levels. It will not work in a place with no cell signals at all. But if you can find a spot that gets some signals, you can place the external antenna of the cell phone booster there to get cellular reception in the dead zone.

To avoid signal reception issues, you can try ways to avoid signal blocking factors. Although nothing can be done with the weather, you can avoid signal reception issues caused by signal blocking materials by making use of better substitutes.