Five Things That Could Block Your Cell Signal

All of us experience poor cell reception at least once and when it happens, it’s very frustrating. It happens most often when something blocks the cell signal. Here are some things you might not know could block your cell signal.


All of us have experienced bad cell reception during a thunderstorm or heavy fog. Bad weather can block the cell signals coming from the cell tower. When there is too much dust or heavy rain, the cell signals you receive may be weak and you may not be able to make a call.

Strain On Bandwidth

A strain on bandwidth can also cause poor cell reception. Sometimes, you may forget to close some of the apps you use and they will run in the background using up bandwidth and signal. The more apps running in the background, the more bandwidth it will use. Most often, games and free apps are the big bandwidth hogs because these apps often contain ads. Therefore, you should remember to close or uninstall unnecessary apps from your phone. 

Building Materials

Building materials like concrete, bricks, steel, and wood can block the cell signals coming from the cell tower. Fiberglass insulation can also block the cell signals. Just like the fiberglass insulation keeps the heat and cold in, they also keep the cell signal out and the signal you receive inside the house will be weak. 


Most of the windows of houses are made of glass. When you experience poor cell reception inside your house, normally you will move near a window to get a better cell signal. It would make sense because the glass of the window is less dense than the walls and the signal problems would be less. However, most of the glass windows today contain a metal oxide coating that blocks the cell signals from coming through.

Network Traffic

Even if you have good cell coverage where you live, you might experience call drops and slow data speed. This is because the area where you live might be densely populated and there will be more devices in the area which are looking for a cell signal. If there are not enough cell towers in your area, there will be heavy network traffic and you will end up with poor cell reception. 

Install A Cellular Repeater

The best solution for the problem of weak cell signals is a cell phone booster or a cellular repeater. It is a device that will increase the strength of the cell signal to a usable level. The cellular booster captures the existing outside cell signal and increases its strength and then rebroadcasts the boosted signal inside the building.