Tips to Improve 3G Signal and Mobile Internet

A 3G cell phone makes data transfer considerably faster than a device that supports GSM or CDMA mobile networks only. However, cell phone signal disruptions can play a significant role in how fast the internet browsing experience will be on a 3G device. If you are a business person or someone who needs to access the internet daily for various purposes, then a weak cell phone signal reception can be really frustrating for you. That is why you should invest in a 3G network repeater.

A 3G signal booster works by capturing the available poor signal and amplifying it for your needs. The equipment consists of an outdoor antenna, which communicates to the nearest cell phone tower, and an indoor antenna, which is connected to your 3G mobile devices. In between, you have a 3G network repeater, which will amplify the signal captured by the outdoor antenna and transfer it to the indoor antenna to redistribute the enhanced signal across your home or office. This ensures that you have good 3G coverage and enjoy your internet browsing without any hiccups.

You can even select the coverage area of the 3G signal booster as per your specific needs. For instance, if you are in a remote area where the cell phone network reception is very poor, then you may need a powerful antenna to improve the 3G connection in your home or office. In case you want to provide good 3G network coverage to a supermarket or the entire apartment building, then you may have to go for an even more powerful 3G network repeater.

There are many cell phone signal boosters available these days, which can offer coverage for up to 3000 sq. meter area. Therefore, you can easily buy one as per your requirements. However, note that the coverage of the indoor antenna in the unit will depend upon how good the 3G signal outside your building is. For the best results, you should place the 3G signal booster near the window or on the roof.

There are cell phone boosters that can work in your car as well to improve 3G signal reception. This allows you to enjoy uninterrupted network coverage wherever you go. Besides, 3G repeaters are very easy to install and use. Some of the advanced 3G signal boosters even come with an LCD screen so that you can easily set it up without any professional help. You can check all the important information on the display, such as the input and output signal strength, power, setup details, etc.