Sure-Shot Ways To Get Better Signal!

Sure-Shot Ways To Get Better Signal!


A cell tower that can be boosted by a mobile repeater.

Cell phones have become the gears that are running the communication channels in our fast-paced society. The requirement for information to be available freely and to be exchanged with the drop of a hat is not a luxury but a necessity. 

However, ‘smart’ phones can often turn dumb when the reception icon on the cell phone screen turns blank. Most of the functionality of modern cell phones utilize the reach and connectivity of the internet, and when this connection is snapped, phones end up becoming an image of its glorious former self. 

There are thankfully ways in which you can get around this. We will be going through some of them. Read on.

Getting a Cell phone booster

An assured way to save your phone from bad reception is to invest in a cell phone signal booster or a cell phone booster. This device is an investment that is long-term and doesn’t require any recurring fees. It works by taking the weak signals and then boosting them; the boosted signals are then broadcasted to your phone and for use by other cellular devices. It works with all cell phones and network providers. A must-buy if you want a solution that is not a ‘quick hack’. 

Is Your Cell Phone In Working Condition?

In terms of hardware, damage to your phone from a fall can often damage the internal circuitry. This could lead to your phone struggling to hook onto a stable cell signal. Head over to a service center and get it replaced or repaired. 

If your hardware is fine, then the next thing to look for is the software. Are the phone’s drivers and operating systems updated? Frequent patches and bug fixes are aimed at optimizing the subtle aspects of the cell phone. An un-optimized phone can spell trouble and leave you hanging with a beeping signal. 

Also, check if multiple software is not running in the background. These often chew into the network bandwidth and maybe downloading information in the background. Don’t multi-task if your phone is unable to cope up, especially at the risk of reduced connectivity. 

Reselect Your Network Operator Or Reset Your Network Settings 

Your phone may be connected to a cell tower that is broadcasting a weak cell signal. You may have to manually change or put the phone to ‘search mode’ to look for other signals in the vicinity. You can do so by heading over to the network settings or simply by restarting your phone.