Signal Boosters And Their Installations

man on his phone in front of a cell tower

One of the most common questions people have about their mobile devices is how to improve the signal. The most certain way to do that is by installing a cellular signal booster. In the article that follows, we will have a closer look at the steps of correctly installing a signal booster.

What Is A Signal Booster?

It is an electronic device manufactured to enhance the signals received by your mobile phones. The device has three components – outdoor antenna, amplifier, and indoor antenna.  Let us move on with the discussion and see how each of these three must be correctly installed. 

Installation Of Outdoor Antenna

Installation of the outdoor antenna can be done in two ways, wall mounting and pole mounting. The outdoor antenna is usually installed on the rooftop of the house. If you can find a higher stable point or place to mount the outdoor antenna, then feel free to do so. Without noise and other disturbances, the antenna will be able to efficiently capture the mobile signals that travel in the form of radiofrequency waves. 

Furthermore, there are two varieties of antennas to select from. There are omnidirectional antennas that are capable of attracting signals from all the sides. Also, there is a directional antenna that works best in areas with a serious lack of network signals. 

Installation Of The Amplifier

The amplifier needs the power to function. Therefore it is best if you place it near a power outlet. These can be easily affixed to the walls. The outdoor antenna has to be attached to the amplifier so that the device can receive the weak signals collected by the outdoor antenna. For this purpose, the product comes with coaxial cables. Ensure that you use only the requisite length of these cables because lengthier cables can adversely affect the gain of the device and thereby affect its functioning. 

Installation Of The Indoor Antenna

Installation of the indoor antenna can be done in two ways, that is, it can either be mounted on the ceiling or vertically on the wall. The users have two options to choose from in the case of indoor antennas – panel antenna and dome antenna. Remember to connect the amplifier and the indoor antenna for enabling the exchange of the boosted signals. This can be done using the coaxial cables provided. 

Lastly, be sure the power of the amplifying device is on so that the signal booster can efficiently strengthen the mobile signals and make them available to your respective devices.