Are Repeaters the Next Big Thing?

A cell tower in a large city.

The use of repeaters is gaining importance lately. If you haven’t heard about it before, now is the best time to update your knowledge database. Continue reading to find out more about repeaters and the pros and cons of installing this device.

Signal Repeater

A signal repeater is an electronic device that holds an important position in the field of telecommunications. It is mainly used to strengthen incoming network signals, that is to say, to strengthen these weak signals and rebroadcasting it to other connected devices. It also ensures that it is minimal or absolutely no data loss. It works best in situations where data loss is expected at the time of transmission of these radio frequency signals. 

Advantages of a Mobile Repeater

Simple To Connect

This electronic device is particularly easy to install and maintain, needless to mention the ease of connecting it and getting it switched on. There are three main parts for this device, the outside antenna, the amplifier, and the inside antenna. The outside antenna attracts the signals available outside and sends it to the amplifying unit. This amplifying unit will work at strengthening the received signals and rebroadcasting it to the inside antennas.  


When compared with the monthly payment plans devised by the network carriers, installing a mobile repeater is considered as a cost-efficient option. This is mainly because once installed, the users will not have to encounter the monthly payment hassle. The existing users of a signal repeater consider it as an investment rather than an expense. 


In terms of installing these devices too, it can be thought of as a cost-effective option. This is because the installation process is extremely simple. Hence, you will not need to hire professionals to do the installation for you. 

Signal Strengthening

The whole purpose of a mobile repeater is to strengthen the radio frequency signals collected or attracted by the donor antennas that are installed outside the building, be it your home or office or another commercial building. 

Disadvantages of a Mobile Repeater

Doesn’t Necessarily Isolate Network Traffic

Installing a mobile repeater cannot be considered a method of isolating the network traffic that is generated. 

Risk Of Malfunctioning

Unless purchased from certified sellers, there is a risk of malfunctioning of these signal repeaters. With the increased demand for the product, many manufacturers are looking to enjoy the profits without making a quality product. Our products at Mobile Repeater South Africa are carefully chosen to ensure quality.