Are Your Phone Calls Unclear? Here Is The Solution

A woman enjoying her cell phone booster.


The world pretty much revolves around cell phones. The functionality of phones has hit an all-time high, and the sheer applications and tasks that we can accomplish with the help of this sleek device are unparalleled. Three decades ago, the idea of having a portable PC that fits in our pockets would have seemed like a scene picked right out of a science fiction film. But, irrespective of that, here we are!


However, there are few things that can turn your phone into nothing more than a glorified MP4 player, and one of that is if you manage to lose cell reception. The reasons for this could be one and plenty. It could be that you are far off from the nearest cell tower or it could be that the building or structure you are in is obstructing the cell signals from penetrating through. Whatever the reason is, you are now left with a cell signal bar on the top hand edge of your phone screen sporting a measly 1-bar, or even none!


The calls you make to others only come out as meaningless gibberish, and all you can hear is you screaming “can you hear me?” The situation turns grim especially when you need to get somebody on the line, say in the time of an emergency. It comes as an irony that all the technology in the palm of your hands, amounts to nothing when you need it the most. 


So what can be done to ensure that you are always connected to the grid, and that your technology-rich smartphone stays ‘smart’? Buy a cell booster. 4G cell phone boosters are made with the sole purpose of ensuring that the connectivity between the nearest cell tower and your phone is not lost. It works simply by taking the weak signal from the tower, boosting its strength and then making it available to your phone or multiple devices at the same time. The result is a much stronger signal bar that is suitably filled and allows you to make calls when you need them. They come in portable formats or you can have them installed in your home or workplace. They cost starting from R3000 onwards depending on your need.


So the question you need to ask yourself is, do you want to be screaming through the phone or do you want to seamlessly connect and talk whenever you want? The choice is entirely yours.