Things To Know About Panel Antennas For A Cell Phone Booster

A unidirectional antenna that is a part of cell phone booster is called a panel antenna. It is the opposite of a dome antenna that broadcasts signals to every direction. Both panel antenna and dome antenna are used as inside antennas of cell phone boosters, the antennas that perform the function of broadcasting amplified cellular signals to required reception points. 

What Are The Parts Of Cell Phone Boosters? 

The major parts of cell phone boosters are external antennas, an amplifier, and an internal antenna.

The external antenna performs the function of capturing the external cellular signals, the amplifier boosts the captured signals and internal antenna rebroadcasts the amplified signals to the indoor space.

Panel and dome antennas are the two types of internal antenna installed in homes and buildings. 

How Do Panel Antennas Work?

Panel antennas send and receive signals to and from a single direction. Unlike Yagi antennas, which are commonly used as external antennas, panel antennas use a wide beam that enables the signals from it to cover a larger area, larger than the coverage area of the yagi antennas.

Due to its unidirectional nature, the gain of a panel antenna is higher than of an omnidirectional antenna, indicating that a panel antenna can receive a weak signal and send out a stronger one with better efficiency than an antenna with a lower gain.

How To Install A Panel Antenna?

The installation of a panel antenna is influenced by the space where it is to be installed. If the space is long and narrow, it would be best to mount the panel antenna on one of the walls to cover the whole area. However, in this installation the areas that are exactly on the sides of the antenna cannot be covered. 

If a large space or multiple floors have to be covered, it is recommended that you mount the panel antenna on the ceiling and point it downwards. If needed, you may place the antenna facing upwards in the basement to cover the floor above.

You might be skeptical about this technique because it may seem that the floor just beneath the panel antenna or above it can only be covered. But that is not true. The radio signals sent out by the antenna can penetrate the floors and walls. Hence the signal can spread out and cover a large area of about 5000 to 7000sq feet. 

Selecting the right antenna for cellular signal booster is important for guaranteed signal boosting.