Is Your Cell Signal Weak? Boost Your Cell Signal For Free

A man using a cell phone with a cell booster.

Anyone who has used a phone has- at some point in their lives- had to deal with dropped calls and snail pace data speeds. You could be sending a text or uploading a video, to have the ‘waiting for connection’ showing up near your uploading notification. 

In South Africa, a good 72% of the cellular users complained of dropped calls. But worry not; there are a few solutions in sight. Let us take a look at what those are:

Switch Over To A Less Crowded Network

The less congested the network you are on, the better and faster will be your cell phone signal. The bars on the top corner of your mobile screen indicate the signal strength, which is different for different carriers. 

 If your phone shows 4G LTE, but only sports a single bar, then that means that the network is congested, and will cause poor service. You can switch to a 3G network through your phone’s settings so as to get a better signal. 

Make Use Of Wi-Fi Calling When Possible

If your goal is to make crystal clear calls and send data, then using a Wi-Fi connection to do so is sensible. The only requirement is that the Wi-Fi connection needs to be fast enough. It is free and doesn’t require any additional costs for you to use on your cell phone. This is the perfect option if you are at home or at a place with secure Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Get A Better Phone

The voice and data quality and speed are continuously on the road to betterment. If you have a phone that has been beaten by time, then it would be good if you buy yourself a better and newer version. 

It could also be that your phone could be damaged from a fall or a slip. Get it checked and take a trip to the service center to be sure. Rather than putting the blame on the network, take a moment to check if your phone is in the clear.

Are You Looking For A Permanent Solution?

Has none of the above worked for you? If you want a permanent solution to your communication troubles, then investing in a cell phone signal booster is the wisest decision you can possibly take. A 4G cell phone booster boosts your weak cell signal and gives you uninterrupted reception for not just your cellular device, but many others in its range. Get relief from dropped calls today!