Installing An In-Vehicle Signal Booster

It is very common to experience call drops, slow data speed, undelivered text messages, etc. when you travel through a remote location. Most of the rural areas around the world do not have a sophisticated cellular network. The cell reception in such places will be really bad.

When you are too far from a cell tower or surrounded by buildings or mountains, you won’t get a proper cell signal. To overcome this, you can install a signal booster in your car; After the installation, you will have a stronger cell signal to make calls or browse the internet.

Here are some tips for installing a cellular repeater in your car.

First Do A Trial Installation 

Before you install all the components of the signal booster in your car, do a soft installation. A trial installation will give you an idea of where each component should go and also helps to figure out the length of the coaxial cable needed to connect the antennas to the amplifier unit.

Install The Outside Antenna On The Roof

The best place to install the outside antenna of the signal booster is the roof of the car. The purpose of the outside antenna is to capture the cell signals coming from the cell tower. The roof is the highest point in the car and the cell reception will be better there. Moreover, the outside antenna should be mounted in a vertical position for ensuring better signal performance. 

Install The Amplifier

The amplifier unit will increase the strength of the incoming signal to a usable level. It is better to install the amplifier unit under the seat to save space. If you prefer other locations for installing the amplifier unit, make sure that it is away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. 

Install The Inside Antenna 

The purpose of the inside antenna is to redistribute the boosted cell signals to all the cellular devices inside the car. The amplified signals should be distributed equally to all the devices. So, it is better to mount the inside antenna at the center portion of the car. Make sure that the inside antenna is installed at least 8 inches away from all other devices to avoid interference. 

Connect The Antennas To The Amplifier

The last step in the installation process of the in-vehicle signal booster is connecting the inside and outside antenna of the signal booster using a coaxial cable. 

Power Up The Signal Booster

Plug in the amplifier unit to a power supply and check if all the lights on the amplifier turned solid green. There might be a problem in the installation process if any of the lights are red.