Important Things To Look For While Installing Signal Booster Antennas

Important Things To Look For While Installing Signal Booster Antennas

A child using a laptop and cell phone with a signal booster

Signals boosters are necessary if you are regularly experiencing call drops and poor data speed in your home. Poor cell reception is the main reason for call drops. Cellular repeaters are designed specifically to improve cell reception by increasing the strength of the signals coming from the cell phone tower. 

The cell phone booster receives the cell signals using their external antenna and increases the signal strength using the amplifier unit. The internal antenna of the signal booster rebroadcasts the boosted cell signals to all the nearby devices.

Types Of Antennas

A signal booster needs two antennas to function properly. One for receiving the cell signals which is the external antenna, and the other for rebroadcasting the amplified cell signals, which is the internal antenna. Both these antennas have different varieties. 

There are two types of external antennas. They are omnidirectional and unidirectional antennas. The omnidirectional antennas can capture the cell signals coming from all directions. On the other hand, the unidirectional antenna captures cell signals from only one direction. They are more powerful than omnidirectional antennas. Yagi antenna and log-periodic antenna are the two types of unidirectional antennas.

The purpose of the internal antenna is to rebroadcast the amplified cell signals to all the cellular devices. They are placed inside the building or the vehicle. There are mainly three types of internal antennas; panel antenna, dome antenna, and whip antenna.

The panel antenna is usually mounted on the wall and redistributes boosted cell signals across narrow hallways and rooms. Dome antennas are used to redistribute boosted cell signals in small areas or buildings. They can redistribute signals in all directions. Whip antennas are generally used to redistribute amplified cell signals in small rooms or vehicles. 

Things To Consider When Installing The Antennas

Where To Install The External Antenna?

The external antenna of the signal booster should be installed outside your house where the cell reception is better. You can also mount the external antenna on the roof of your house. 

Where To Install The Internal Antenna?

The internal antenna of the signal booster should be placed in the room where you need better cell reception. if your room is small, use a whip antenna. If it is big, a dome antenna mounted on the ceiling will be better.

Antenna Separation

When you mount both the external and internal antennas, make sure to keep a significant distance between the two antennas. If the antennas are close to each other, they will pick up each other’s signals and create a feedback loop, leading to a decline in the performance of the booster.