Indoor Antennas: The Differences Between Dome And Panel Antennas

There are quite a few different antenna options that professional installers can use to boost the signals of cell phones. In this piece, we’re going to cover all the different possibilities for inside antennas. Inside antennas are able to broadcast their signals all throughout the interior of a building. Though, there are some building materials that can affect mobile signal, usually the use of indoor antennas will help increase your signal massively.  

We are going to go over the two kinds of antennas, how you can install them, where you should install them, and the differences that distinguish the two. The two kinds of antenna that you will encounter are the panel antenna and dome antenna. The primary differences separating them are really just the radiation patterns they have and how they broadcast their different signals.

A dome antenna can transmit a 360-degree full-circle signal around it at a horizontal level. Not much signal is emitted out of the top of this kind of antenna. This is essential because separation in between the outside and inside antennas is crucial to establishing a signal booster system. This lets you have more room to work if you set up these antennas.

2 Antenna System

A panel antenna, on the other hand, sends out its signal at an angle of about 70 degrees. That’s more like a flashlight beam. It’s similar to a dome antenna in how it emits very little signal from its back, other than its radiation pattern. The other big difference you’ll notice between these two antennas is just how far they can send out their boosted signal.

The applicable coverage area will always depend on how much available signal strength there is outside of the building you’re in. Having said that, a good expectation is 50 feet of coverage when using a dome antenna, and 75 feet in the cases of a panel antenna. You can get additional coverage on top of this if you get a better outside signal when picking your antenna to install. Consider the shape and size of the space which you are covering. These factors do impact just which antenna is likely to work best in that installation.

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Dome antennas are good for bigger areas, especially in commercial applications. Since they are able to broadcast their signals in every direction, they work well for drop ceilings and offer signals to anyone in the boosted range. Alternatively, panel antennas are great for places like corridors or in buildings with high ceilings, since that broadcast zone would be quite wide; putting a panel antenna on the right wall of a residential home usually means the signal can permeate the entire home. Both of these antennas are simple to install using a dual antenna.

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Just drill a hole that’s a minimum of 11/16 inches into the ceiling material. Then, slide the threaded rod into the hole so the antenna is then flush with the surrounding ceiling. Then, screw on the nut. After that, connect the antenna to your available cable. Most panel antennas come with mounting brackets. Attach this bracket securely to a wall, and then just slide that antenna into the bracket before attaching your cable.

Both of these antennas provide options for both F and N Female connectors, so you can connect them easily regardless of the kind of cable that you are running. Given the relatively slim profile, you can easily hide a panel antenna inside a wall or even behind furniture or a bookcase. This is a wonderful feature to conceal your installation.

Even though the level of signal emanating from the top of your dome antenna isn’t very much, there are still occasions where the installation can get tricky. If you encounter such a scenario, it’s likely when you can get enough space between the outside and inside antennas. Try installing a barrier between these two using a piece of metal. You can also visit a home improvement or hardware store to get a piece of radiant barrier sheeting.

This can block the signal that’s in between these two antennas. Hopefully, this has all helped you learn and understand the different options you have in terms of installing a dome or panel inside antenna.

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