How Changing your Surroundings Can Improve Cell Signal

Poor cell phone signal reception can easily get on your nerves when you are making an important call or want to send an urgent email. While not much can be done if the available signal reception in your area is very weak, you can amplify average-to-good network coverage using a cell phone repeater, also known as a cellular signal booster.

A cell phone booster is a simple device that enhances the available cell phone signal strength so that you can use the network for your intended purposes without any hassle. If the signal strength in your area is good, but you are still not getting the required reception in your device, then following the below tips may help.

Change your Location

  • Move up: If you are closer to the ground level, you can experience more network disruptions due to obstructions like thick walls and insulations. Moving up to the top floor can help greatly to get better signal reception in your device.
  • Go near a window: Cell phone signals can be easily blocked by brick walls, sidings, and metal sheets, which can be parts of the building you are in. Moving closer to a window can help you avoid such barriers between the network signal and your device.
  • Step outside: The best way to avoid any kind of construction material interfering with your cell phone signal strength is to go outside. However, this may not work if you are in an urban area surrounded by tall buildings made of concrete and UV-protected glass.
  • Move higher: Just like moving to the top floor, moving to higher ground in remote areas will also help to receive good cell phone signal reception. Dense vegetation, hills, and mountains can block network signals from reaching your device too. This is because cell phone signals usually work in a line of sight mode.
  • Find the nearest tower: There are a lot of services and apps that will help you to find the location of your nearest cell phone tower. Moving close to the tower can help to eliminate the obstructions in the way and give you better signal reception. Knowing where your closest cell phone tower also comes in handy when you install a cell phone signal booster.

Aside from following these tips, you should also reorganize your space and make sure that nothing blocks cell phone signals from reaching your devices. Many things at home, like decorative water features, refrigerators, metal filing cabinets, and solid furniture can interfere with cell phone network reception. So try rearranging these and see if that works to improve network connectivity.