GSM Booster – The Basics Covered

Are lost connections and dropped calls haunting you? Continue reading to find out what can solve your problem. A GSM booster can be your one and only answer to spotty signal issues that you are facing. Here we’ll go over the details of a GSM booster. 

The Concept

A GSM booster essentially is a signal boosting device that is powerful enough to enhance your network’s voice call clarity as well as its data signals. This equates to a reduction in the number of dropped calls. It also means that you can now freely enjoy your high-speed internet connection. Similar to any other signal booster, the GSM Booster also comes with three components; namely, tower antenna, booster unit, and device antenna. 

Tower antenna is that part of the device which is mounted on the top; the top here usually means the roof of a building or a vehicle. The booster unit is the part of the device which amplifies your network signals. The device antenna is the part of the device which is placed indoors. This is the part of the device which actually communicates with your cellular device. 

How It Works

It is a known fact that your phone and the cell tower communicate using RF signals popularly known as radio frequency signals. The device detects the weak signals and collects them. It then bypasses all of the obstructions and amplifies it. These amplified signals are then broadcasted to your home’s interiors so that your phone can easily pick up signals. 

Well Known Benefits

A few of the benefits of the installation of this device is listed below:

  • Enhanced life of your phone battery
  • Better quality of your voice calls
  • Reduced number of dropped calls
  • Fewer case of lost connections
  • Fast downloads and data uploads
  • No ‘dead zones’
  • Improved signal coverage area indoors

There are two main categories of GSM boosters available in the market. The first type is for offices and homes, and the second type is for RV’s and cars.  The majority of the signal boosters available in the market today are universal. What does this mean? It means that the device will work well regardless of who your cellular network provider is. It will assuredly boost mobile signal and save you from your misery of lost connections and dropped calls.