The Working Of A Good Signal Booster

How do you like the idea of being able to enhance your text messaging experience, voice calling experience, or faster browsing? I can see you nodding your head already! Well, a cellular signal booster is the key to these ensuring this kind of phone service. I hope this has caught your attention because we are going to be discussing a few aspects of a cell signal booster. 

How Does It Work?

It is a three-step process. A good quality signal booster works by attracting the weak signals from outside, boosting it with the help of an amplifier unit, and finally broadcasting it to the targeted area. 

The 3 Part System

A cellular signal booster has three parts and these are:


  1. The Outdoor Antenna which is responsible for attracting signals from outdoors

It is the first component of a cell signal booster. For ensuring the best results, these are usually mounted on the roof of the home. When placed outdoors, these antennas can better attract the 3G and 4G radio frequency signals. They usually come in the following two varieties.

a)     Omnidirectional

An omnidirectional antenna is very powerful as it can attract signals using a 360-degree angle. It is ideal for areas with moderate mobile signals. It has features that can boost the signals of multiple network carriers’ single handedly.   

b)     Unidirectional

A unidirectional antenna is also known as a Yagi antenna. These are triangle-shaped antennas and their field is 45-degree. It is ideal for remote locations with significantly poor mobile signals. 


  1. The Amplifier Unit which is responsible for boosting these signals

It is the second most important component of a cellular signal booster. It popularly goes by the name – cellular repeater. The output of an amplifier is measured in decibel (dB). 


  1. The Indoor Antenna which is responsible for broadcasting signals to the target area indoors

It is the third important part of the cell signal booster. It displays its best performance when mounted in open spaces with less or no obstacles (such as walls and cupboards, etc). Typically, the indoor antenna is found in two varieties and these are:

a)     Panel

A panel antenna is usually mounted on the inner walls of your house for ensuring the best performance. This antenna is ideal for those customers who wish to have a specific target area where they need maximum signal coverage

b)     Dome

A dome antenna is usually affixed on the ceiling of the house for enjoying maximum coverage

Once you have completed the super easy installation of your cellular signal booster, you can forget the days of dropped calls and unreliable connections while you are at home.