Ways Of Fixing Video Call Issues

Ways Of Fixing Video Call Issues

A woman using a cell phone booster for better signal.

Video conference not working properly is a complaint from many people during this COVID-19 time. Several individuals are seeking ways to solve it, without having to bother their company’s IT staff or call a technician. Before taking one of the two steps mentioned above, think about acting as per the following ideas to fix the issue.

Ensuring That Wi-Fi Is Not The Underlying Issue

When this is possible, connect your device directly to the router to eliminate the likelihood of Wi-Fi being the underlying cause of the issue. This move will offer you not just a direct internet connection but also a bandwidth level that is more uniform.

Making The Standard Video Call

Just use your phone data instead of the internet-connected computer for conferencing. This move will give you the full functionality of your computer and will avoid you being stressed over the internet connection dropping. This is a fine solution since voice calls through Voice over LTE are treated as more important than internet calls made through video conferencing applications. VoLTE calls are possibly a more reliable solution, and it will keep delivering excellent performance, even as other calls struggle with cellular network congestion.

Using Your Mobile HotSpot

In the event the standard internet connection continues to fail, try enabling hotspot on your mobile device and connecting it to a laptop for signals. When a strong cellular signal is available at home, it will be a good way to fix the poor video call quality.

When used alongside a cell signal booster, it will offer stronger signals than you thought and will aid you in maintaining fine conferencing quality. It will also make sure that your hotspot is working in the best possible way.

Restarting The Router

Chances are your router is having some issue that causes trouble in video conferencing, so just try restarting it. Just have in mind that it possibly takes some minutes to return to a normal working mode when taking this step to see whether it helps to fix the issue.

Moving Nearer To The Router

In the event of being at a great distance from the router and having many walls between the device and your PC, just try moving more close to it. This might just improve your internet connection.

Turning Off VPN When Making A Video Call

When utilizing a video conferencing program such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom, your virtual private network is possibly causing issues. When that VPN is not needed, just turn it off and then start the call.