How To Boost Cell Signal By Finding Cell Tower Locations Near You

Call drops and weak phone signals can become a source of constant annoyance irrespective of what you are doing on your cellular devices. You head to a local tech store and their first solution to permanently solve the problem would be to get a cell phone booster. But there is something you can do before you buy a cell signal booster, and that is finding out where your nearest cell towers are at.

Why Does Finding The Nearest Cell Towers Help?

Understand that simply pointing your device to the direction or being closer to the nearest cell tower helps take care of most of the network problems. Apart from this, problems occurring as a result of high traffic can also impact network connectivity. The lesser the distance to the cell tower, lesser will be the interruptions in its network path and better will be your signal coverage. 

One easy way would be to use a cell antennae and spectrum analyser kit. You can rotate this 360 and it will notify the point of highest network strength. But what if you don’t have such a tool, then how should you boost the network strength?

You can make use of: 


  • Tower Maps


Every carrier is required to register with the federal board that deals with communication in your country. They have a registry of all the cell towers and their exact location, which is publicly available. Websites like Open Signal, Antenna Search and applications like MapMuse do a great job and have links to Google maps to tell you exactly where the nearest tower is at.


  • Switching The Phone ON And OFF


Restarting your phone will recalibrate the cell tower with which your phone is linked to. If you know the dial pad prompt for your respective network carrier then that will also do. The phone has queried and saved the network settings of a cell tower; this is done to save time and battery consumption from needlessly searching for a signal every time your phone is ON. Once a tower is saved, the phone may not shift to another cell tower even if the network signal strength is higher in the latter. Simply restart the phone to override the function.


  • Know About The Dead Spots In Your Area


You can make use of websites like Signal Maps that will tell the dead spots in your location. These areas are like blind spots, and will cause a sudden drop in the coverage at these locations. You can avoid these spots while making calls to prevent call drops.