Find Out What Is Blocking Your Wireless Signal

Are you having problems staying connected over your wireless service? Read on to discover more about what could be affecting your wireless signals so that you can get the most of your experience from your 4G LTE network connections and 5G network in the future.

In the following sections, we will explore some of the major reasons for poor reception and then we will learn how to determine the causes in your situation so appropriate solutions can be found. By the end of the reading, you can expect to know a lot more about the subject and how to provide a suitable solution to various communications disruptions.

External Factors Can Negatively Impact Your Wireless Connection

Even though the wireless carriers are generally known for reliable services, there are some external factors that can affect the function of your wireless device in a bad way. Things like network congestion, natural barriers, buildings, weather conditions and an obstructed line of sight between you and the cell tower.

Cell Signal Tower

Congestion or Densely Populated Areas

If you are in a place crowded with hundreds of people, many of whom may also be using their devices as well, you may not be able to get a clear signal. This is because the thousands of others in the building may also be wireless customers and their own mobile devices and smartphones can cause interference. In such a case, data speeds will fall dramatically and calls may be interrupted.

Bad Weather Plays A Huge Role

Inclement weather conditions and weather phenomena like heavy snowfall and rain can also affect the performance of your wireless connection. The more severe weather conditions the greater the interference to your wireless reception.

Physical Barriers

Physical barriers can also hamper cell phone communications. Mountains, hills and even forests and buildings can act as shields the deflect signals coming to and from your device. Your reception can even be affected by the metal, glass and concrete from which the edifice is constructed. This is why being in the basement or an interior room of a large building like a hospital or department store filled with electronic equipment can also impact the signal from your phone.

Can’t See The Cell Site

Performance issues will also arise when your device does not have a clear view to the cell tower. This can be because your position is too high, low, far or even close to the cell tower. The cell tower has been built and designed to provide the greatest amount of service to the largest population possible. This may mean you fall slightly outside of this broadcast zone. Furthermore, different wireless carriers will provide varying broadcast radios. If you are out of range your signal of your wireless provider’s tower your signal will be understandably weak.

Cell Signal Tower

Determining Which of these Issues Is Causing Your Signal Failure

Now that you know all about the various problems that can occur, let’s discuss narrowing these options to the one affecting your wireless service. If your signal is affected only at certain hours of the day, it is likely that heavy network usage is impacting your signal. If the situation is restricted to certain areas of the building or may be the city, your connection may be affected by physical barriers and distances between your and the cell tower.

Solutions for Solving These Issues

There are phone boosters and network extenders that can increase the strength of your signal and improve your talking experience. If you want your connection problems sorted, check out our list of best selling products right here!