Differences Between Consumer & Commercial Signal Boosters

If you are wondering what the differences between commercial and consumer cell phone signal boosters are as well as which one you should choose, read on to find out.

Scenario 1

Imagine for a minute that your teenage daughter has called you panic-stricken after being rear ended by another vehicle and she has no idea about what to do. You are in the middle of trying to get het to calm down and explaining to her what should be done, but before she’s able to tell you the location of the accident, the call drops, and you are unable to reconnect it. That’s a scenario involving a consumer that portrays the disastrous consequences that a weak cell reception is likely to have in a house.

Scenario 2

Imagine for a minute that you are running late for a meeting with one of your most important clients and you are unable to reach your assistance at your place of business to let him know you will be late. No matter how many times you try to reach him since the business lines usually play after-hours recordings while his cell phone doesn’t have any bars in your 100,000 square foot office building. This could be because the building materials used in your office if blocking your signal or a variety of other reasons.Your calls are thus sent directly to voicemail.

Your assistant also doesn’t know that you have been leaving voice messages since he won’t get voicemail alerts either, because there’s no cell phone reception in the conference room where he awaits you. This is likely to turn out into a very embarrassing situation or even losing a large order that may cost the business hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Commerical Mobile Repeater

The above scenarios are just some of the daily occurrences that people have to deal with. You can solve these and various other issues in two ways, using a consumer and commercial cell phone booster, respectively. 

Cell phones are increasingly playing a critical role in people’s daily personal and business or work life. It can be a lifesaver during personal emergencies as well as a business saver in case of business emergencies.

However, coverage has to be consistently good both indoors and in vehicles if cell phones are to work as they are supposed to. Unfortunately, that’s not the case because of reasons beyond the control of carriers as well as their current wireless technology.

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That’s why cell phone signal boosters are so important. They bridge the gap and ensure improved cellular reception both in vehicles and indoors. As the title indicates, however, cell phone signal boosters are of two types as categorised by their characteristics.

What’s the difference between commercial and consumer signal boosters? It’s time to find out…

Here are the key differences between them:

Consumer signal boosters are made for the average consumer who does not have to be tech savvy to buy and install themselves since they are made for smaller spaces up to 10,000 square feet and are thus not as complicated to install and use.

Commercial signal boosters on the other hand are very powerful and can cover massive areas ranging from 10,000 to hundreds of thousands of square feet. According to government regulations, commercial signal boosters require installation by a certified cell phone signal booster installer.

Vehicle signal boosters are categorised under consumer cell phone boosters since they are fairly easy to install by average consumers. Commercial vehicle signal boosters aren’t manufactured since the consumer versions are enough to boost cell signals in vehicles of all types.

Mobile Repeater Signal Booster

Just like the consumer office/home signals whose coverage area is 10,000 square feet, easy-to-follow installation instructions are provided for vehicle signal boosters, which means that these types of boosters don’t require professional installation.

Consumer and commercial grade cell phone signal boosters both boost cellular reception thus ensuring that your device such as your tablet or smart phone has a strong connection to the closest relevant cell tower.

It would consequently show a higher number of signal bars consistently and thus work effectively in meeting your wireless voice and data transfer needs whether you are in your vehicle or anywhere in your massive office building.

You can start enjoying clear cellular voice conversations without having to worry about dropped calls and keep enjoying the fastest 3G and 4G mobile Internet that your cell phone and service provider actually offers. Soon, you will be enjoying the fastest 5G mobile internet that your provider very soon!