Cure Poor Cell Signal With A Signal Booster

Cure Poor Cell Signal With A Signal Booster

Let me help you paint a picture- imagine you are in the middle of making one of the most important business deals in your life, or you are talking to a partner who you would want to bring onboard your business. Just when you think that things are looking good, the call drops and you are left with a beeping sound. You look on your phone and you see a bleak scene- an ‘X’ painted across your cell strength icon.


This is something that many would have gone through, and which is also the reason why you clicked on to this article- to find a solution to this infuriating issue. 


So the question is: what is the solution?


It is none other than getting you a cell phone booster.  It is a device that will provide you a one-stop solution and an investment that will last you for years to come. The device does exactly as it is named- it boosts your cell signal. 


Cell signals undergo loss in strength as it travels from the nearby cell phone tower, over across varied terrains and finally to your phone. When the loss in strength is significant, you are left with terrible cell reception and constant call drops. Even the calls that connect sound terrible and with plenty of noise. Not to mention, the hit that your network speeds take when your phone has bad reception. The download speeds are slower on the best of days, if not non-existent!


Cell phone signal boosters help leap above all problems by the use of an external antenna, an in-built amplifier and an indoor antenna that is placed in the room or the office space. The external antenna catches on to the signals that come from the cell tower and sends them over to the amplifier; the antenna is kept outdoors either on the roof, the attic or even the fire escape ladder. 


The amplifier then boosts the signal strength and then passes it to the indoor antenna. The indoor antenna then broadcasts the signal indoors, which is then readily available to your cell phone. The working of the cell signal booster is ingenious. 


The best thing about getting a cell phone signal booster is that it is a one-time investment- you will not have to pay any recurring fees. The cost only adds up to the installation and buying of the actual cell phone signal booster kit. These work with all networks and gives you long term relief from reception problems!