A Comparison Between Cell Signal Booster And Femtocell

A Comparison Between Cell Signal Booster And Femtocell

A man using a signal booster for camping.


Cell signal boosters and femtocells are devices that are used for increasing the strength of the cell signals inside a building. Even though their uses are similar, there are differences in the way they operate. Hence, we’ll provide some important information about these devices so you can find the ideal option for you. 

Cell Signal Booster

These devices work by detecting the outside signals and bringing them inside the building. They will amplify the strength of the signals thereby providing better connectivity. Your mobile phones, tablets, or laptops can use the amplified signals for connecting to your carrier’s network. Cellular boosters can be used in weak signal areas or inside buildings where cell signals cannot penetrate. 

Pros Of Cell Signal Boosters

  • They are not dependent on your internet connection
  • Connections will be “handed off” or maintained when your phone switches from accepting signals through the boosters to accepting the signals from the cell tower, and vice versa.
  • It is a one-time investment and you don’t have to pay monthly charges for continuing the service.
  • Most of the signal boosters work with multiple cell towers and carriers.
  • Boosters can support all devices within the range and no syncing is needed.
  • Different types of signal boosters are available that can be used in various locations like home, office, or vehicles.
  • Signals boosters are useful for you to conserve the battery charge of your mobile devices.

Cons Of Cell Signal Booster

  • These devices are not capable of creating signals on their own. They work by accepting the existing signals. Hence, their performance is greatly dependent on the strength of the outside signals.
  • Also, problems like oscillation and overload can affect the performance of the signal boosters. These problems might result in your booster shutting down if not solved properly.


A femtocell, which is also known as microcell, is a low power base station. It will work with your broadband internet connection for enhancing the cell phone coverage and creates a signal source inside your home for facilitating better connectivity. 

Pros Of Femtocell

  • These devices are capable of creating signals even if there is no cell signal outside.
  • They can facilitate a better connection for data when compared to typical cellular signals.
  • Depending on the model, their range can vary from a single room to an entire building.

Cons Of Femtocells

  • They are dependent on your internet connection.
  • Will support only one carrier.
  • The devices should be synchronized to establish the connection.

Both femtocell and cell signal boosters are capable of providing you better signal strength in areas where there is poor connectivity. But how these devices work is entirely different. Hence, you have to choose an option that can suit you the best.