How To Fix Overload Problems In Cell Signal Boosters

Cell signal boosters can be a great help for people to eliminate different problems associated with poor cell reception. They can receive weak signals from the outside and boost them for transmitting to the required areas. These devices can quickly help you to increase the strength of the cell signal inside your building. 

However, sometimes you might find that your mobile phone signal booster is not working. Different problems can affect the performance of your signal boosters. One such issue is overload, and overload can significantly affect the operation of your cell signal boosters. Here, we’ll provide some critical information you want to know about overload problems in signal boosters for helping you to fix it. 

What Is Overload?

Overload is a problem that occurs when the strength of the incoming signals is too high. If these signals’ power exceeds a particular limit, it will become unbearable for the booster and can significantly affect its performance. This can happen if there is a cell tower near your building. This problem can occur with any service provider irrespective of whether you are trying to amplify that carrier’s signals. When overload problems are detected, your booster will shut itself off. Therefore, you need to fix it to recover the performance of your booster. 

How To Fix Overload Problems?

There are some simple steps you can try to solve this issue. They are mentioned below:

The first solution you can try is to redirect your outside antenna. If you are using a directional antenna, then point it away from the offending cell tower. You can also change the outside antenna’s location or introduce a barrier for preventing the signals from the offending tower reaching your antenna. 

However, this may not be possible if your carrier’s cell tower is also standing in the same direction or if the tower of your carrier is causing the overload problem. In such situations, you will have to look for some other solutions. 

This is where a filter or an attenuator can help. This device can be useful for reducing the strength of the signals in a particular frequency. Therefore, you can attenuate the strength of the signals in the specific frequency range that results in overload problems. You can connect the filter between your outside antenna and the amplifier. This will help you to reduce the strength of the incoming signals. 

The overload problem can affect the performance of your boosters significantly. Therefore, you need to solve it to regain the performance of the cell signal booster. Following the steps mentioned above will help you to fix the issues associated with overload in signal boosters.