Causes Of Slow Download Speeds On Your Phone

Causes Of Slow Download Speeds On Your Phone

a woman using a cell booster to fix her signal.

Slow upload and download speeds on our phones are still a major problem even though there are great advancements in the speed and sophistication of cellular networks over the years. There are several causes for slow data speeds on your smartphones. Slow data speed can cause serious problems to like being unable to connect to Google Maps when you want to look for a route.

Common Causes Of Slow Download Speeds

Carrier Data Throttling

Throttling will slow down the data speed on your cell phones. It is often imposed by the network carriers when you choose low-cost data plans.  The data speed also reduces when you are over your daily data limit. 

Heavy Network Traffic

You won’t be able to get high download and upload speeds when the traffic in your cell tower is at a peak. Heavy network traffic occurs when a lot of users in a small area try to use the network at the same time. Not only the data speed is affected, but you also won’t be able to make voice calls properly when the network traffic is heavy.

Outdated Device

Sometimes your device might be the cause of slow data speeds. If the cell phone you are using is an old generation model, it may lack the sufficient processor speed to transfer data quickly even when the cell signal is strong.

Poor Signal Strength

This is one of the major reasons for slow upload and download speeds on your phones. When the cell reception inside the building is weak, you won’t be able to transfer data as fast as you want.

How To Increase Download Speeds?

In most cases, weak signal strength is the main reason for slow download speed in your smartphones. if you can improve the strength of the cell signals, you can increase the data speeds on your phones. 

The first thing you can try to improve the data speed is stepping outside the building or vehicle. The metals like aluminum and steel in the buildings can block the cell signals from coming inside and cause poor cell reception inside the building. Getting outside the building will remove these obstructions and you may be able to get stronger cell signals.

If getting outside the building or vehicle is not an option, then you could install a cellular repeater in the building or vehicle. The cellular repeater, or signal booster, is an electronic device designed to improve the cell reception by increasing the cell signal strength. When you have a stronger cell signal, you will be able to upload and download data at a higher speed.