Reasons For Call Drops And Their Solution

Reasons For Call Drops And Their Solution

A woman using a cell phone with a signal booster.

We all are very dependent on cell phones for performing several of our daily activities. The advancement in mobile technology is bringing us closer and closer to smartphones. That is why it is so frustrating when our cell phones fail to give a reliable service. 

We often face call drop problems when we are on the phone. It is usually a technical problem that happens when the cell phone disconnects the ongoing call. This occurs when the cell phone loses the connection to the cellular network. 

Causes Of Call Drops

There are several reasons why your cell phone disconnects an ongoing call. Some people blame the network providers for call drops but the main problems are the poor cell reception caused by weak cell signal strength. If you do not have a strong cell signal, you won’t be able to make a call without any interruptions.

If you are located too far from the nearest cell tower, you won’t get a strong cell signal to make calls or browse the internet. when you move further away from the source of the cell signals, it will become weaker and weaker. Natural obstructions like hills, mountains, dense vegetation, etc. can block the cell signals from reaching your cell phone. Even if the cell signal reaches you through these obstructions, the signal won’t have enough strength to ensure uninterrupted voice calls.

Man-made obstructions like tall buildings are another cause of call drop. The materials used for the construction of these buildings, including concrete, steel, aluminum, wire mesh, glass, etc. can block the cell signals. It is impossible for the cell signals to penetrate these building materials. Most often, going outside the building or moving towards an open window may help to get a proper cell signal to make uninterrupted voice calls.

Best Solution For Call Drops

You can solve your call drop problems by ensuring that you get a proper cell reception all the time. The best way to ensure proper cell reception is by installing a cell phone booster. This device will help to increase the cell signal strength and you won’t experience call dropping problems anymore.

The signal booster has an outside antenna for capturing the cell signals, an amplifier for boosting the cell signal, and an inside antenna for rebroadcasting the boosted cell signals. With a signal booster, you will be able to make a voice call with reduced noise and distortion.