Factors To Consider When Choosing A Booster

Woman looking at her phone frustrated

It’s true that experiencing dead spots can be inevitable, but there are ways to resolve this problem. Dead spots translate to weak mobile signals, and weak mobile signal means that you are unable to make phone calls.  This makes you think “How can I improve my mobile signal strength?” The best signal booster can solve this problem in a jiffy. Let us look at a few of the factors to be considered while purchasing the best signal booster.

Outside Signal Strength

Regardless of the quality of the booster you have purchased, it cannot perform optimally unless the outside signal strength is promising. Are you wondering how to determine the outside signal strength? The traditional way is to walk around the house with your phone while checking if there is a change in the bars displayed on your mobile phone. Never leave any stone unturned, if needed, climb on to the roof to see if you get a better signal there. Trust me, none of your efforts will go in vain. 

Antenna Model

There are many varieties of outdoor antennas when it comes to signal boosters designed for homes. Since they need permanent installation, it is better to carefully select the best-suited model of the donor antenna, than to be sorry later about the defective antenna you have purchased in a hurry. Omnidirectional and directional are the two varieties of donor antenna you can choose from. As the name suggests, directional antennas will only attract mobile phone signals from one direction. On the contrary, omnidirectional antennas come with a feature of attracting mobile phone signals from a 360-degree radius. 

Required Coverage Area

Deciding on the coverage area you require is an important factor that needs serious consideration and planning. Preferably, get a square feet figure of the area you are looking to improve coverage. What is the point in just blindly purchasing a signal booster without looking into such specifications? If you are looking for maximum coverage of up to 6000 square feet, we suggest you purchase a booster that offers a maximum gain of 72 dB.


Together with this, be open to the latest models available when it comes to a signal booster; who knows you might be in for a surprise! The models of the signal boosters are also classified based on the number of rooms of your house that need mobile phone coverage. 

You deserve nothing but the best, so remember to purchase the best signal booster.