How To Get Better Cell Signal On The Fly

How To Get Better Cell Signal On The Fly

A woman improving her cell signal on the fly.

Your phone can give you a tough time if there is an empty cell reception indicator looking back at you from the top of the screen. Smartphones, with all of the things that it can do, are at the mercy of a steady reception. When the cell signal drops, so do the functions that you can do with your phone. No more checking emails, reading restaurant reviews, checking online maps, or booking a cab for a ride back home.

There are a few tricks up your sleeves that you can pull up, to give you the upper hand and let you channel in some healthy cell reception to your smartphone. Read on.

Turn Off What You Don’t Need

There are plenty of services that smart phones nowadays offer- from Bluetooth to Near-field communication (NFC) and Wi-Fi. However, having them all ON at the same time can spell trouble for your cell reception. It may end up sending your calls or data over a slower service or allowing other devices to connect to your network and use up the much-needed bandwidth that is necessary for making clear and fast calls. First things first, disable them and see if you have any luck.

Reset Your Network Settings

Resetting your network settings is a must. This may be considered as a last resort if your phone is giving you a hard time. Head over to settings and manually force your phone to recalibrate its connections or change it altogether

Manually Re-Select The Network 

Your phone sticks onto a single cell tower and it does this so that it doesn’t needlessly waste battery life trying to scan new cell towers in the vicinity. This makes sense, but it creates a problem for the user. Even if you have a cell tower near you that is broadcasting a stronger cell reception signal, your phone will resist switching over to the tower. You may have to manually re-select the cell tower or you may even turn your cell phone ON and OFF. This causes your phone to switch to search mode and will lock onto a potent enough cell signal.

If none of these do the trick, then it would be wise to get yourself a cell phone signal booster. The cell signal booster will do plenty to help bolster cell signal reception and you can rest assured that the days of constant call drops will be far behind.