How To Fix Internet Connectivity Issues In Android Phones?

How To Fix Internet Connectivity Issues In Android Phones?

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Internet connectivity issues in mobile phones are not that uncommon these days. There could be many reasons for poor data connection in cell phones. In some cases, the issue might be rooted in the phone while in other cases, the cellular reception might be weak. In the second instance, we cannot try out any instant fixes. The only fix is to improve the signal reception at your place by using devices like a cell phone booster. 

In this article, we suggest some quick fixes to internet connectivity issues in android phones. 

Check And Verify That You Have Not Used Up Your Daily Data 

Most carriers offer limited data and once you reach your daily data limit; you will either observe poor data connection or no data connection at all. If you used mobile data without paying attention to the data limit, it is possible that you have exhausted your daily data limit. 

To check if you have used up all your daily mobile data, you can go to the Settings menu and tap on Data Usage where you will be able to find the data that you have used within a certain period of time. If you have reached the data cap, you may have to wait until the next day or contact your carriers and get some extra data. 

Restart Your Phone 

It may seem like a solution too simple to be effective but it works in many cases. Many people try a simple trick: turning on the airplane and turn it off a few seconds later. To do this,  go to the Settings menu and tap on Connections or Wireless Networks

After turning the airplane mode on and off, check if your mobile data has started working. 

Check Whether You Are On Airplane Mode 

In many cases, the errors in phone settings could be the reason for a poor data connection. When the airplane mode is on, data services and voice calls are not going to work at all. The mode was designed exactly for that purpose. Although the suggestion might seem silly, it is important to check that the airplane mode in your phone isn’t on when you are struggling to get a data connection. 

Try Re-Inserting Your SIM Card 

You can possibly solve many data connection issues by reinserting your SIM card. Resetting the communication between your SIM card and the phone is an efficient way to fix many issues in cellular data connection. 

After you remove the SIM card, wait for half a minute to re-insert it. Turn your phone on and wait until it reconnects to cellular networks and see if the connectivity issue is resolved.

Most often, internet connectivity issues that seem to be huge trouble can be fixed within a few minutes by following the simple tricks discussed above. If your problem persists, a mobile repeater can help.