A Brief Look at How a Cellular Signal Booster Works

Many people nowadays are skeptical about the legal status and efficacy of cell phone signal boosters, and their concerns are valid. These products have a growing market niche all of their own and have also become popular not just in rural markets but urban ones as well. A cell phone signal booster can help you if you have a weak signal inside your home or office building. They simply and effectively improve signal strength and coverage.

How Does a Cellular Signal Booster Work?

A booster of this kind functions by pulling in a weak signal, amplifying it, and rebroadcasting it in the area where you are trying to use your phone. Most signal boosters in the market are comprised of a three-part system.

  • The Outside Antenna: This component is usually mounted on the roof, and is intended to pull in weak 3G and 4G LTE signals. You can get an omnidirectional antenna, which pulls in signal from every direction; these work best for people who already have a decent signal and wish to boost multiple carriers’ signals. A unidirectional antenna, on the other hand, pulls signal out of a 45-degree line of sight and has a farther reach. This type of antenna works best when the phone is getting an extremely poor signal, and there is only a need to boost from a single carrier.
  • The Amplifier: Also called the cellular repeater, this is the second major component you should know about. It boosts the poor signal pulled in by the exterior antenna, and based on quality, can give a coverage ranging from 500 to 7,000 square feet. The output of an amplifier is measured in dB, and its power is measured in dBm. The purpose of this component is to increase the dB reading of your signal. A decent home amplifier can give you at least a +60dB gain.
  • The Inside Antenna: This is the component that rebroadcasts the amplified signal into the area where you need it. There are panel antennas, which are generally wall-mounted and rebroadcast more strongly to closer areas. This works when you have a specific room where you want a strong signal. A dome antenna, on the other hand, is ceiling-mounted and can distribute amplified signals equally in all directions.

Hopefully, the above information answers all questions you have about how a cell signal booster works. Check with your local authorities to ensure that the booster you buy is compliant with relevant local law.